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Ben Berggreen

After a five-year career as a commercial airline pilot, Ben made the switch from the aviation industry to the finance industry and quickly became an important member of the trading team at Franklin Templeton in the United States, where he managed Templeton’s European Equity Value portfolios, within the $850 Billion Dollars in Assets Under Management (AUM) Templeton group.

In order to expand his horizons beyond managing Value Portfolio’s, Ben joined the Hedge Fund Group at Pacific Investments in London. At the same time Pacific Investments launched a Quantitative Long/Short Hedge Fund and Ben was hired to set up the trading operation for the Fund and also manage the Fund. Ben utilized his deep understanding of financial markets to further aid the strategy developer of the Fund and evolve Pacific Investments’ complex chaos mathematical model. After generating an industry leading track record at Pacific, Ben left the UK following an offer to cover the Asian region for Chicago-based Nuveen Investments which at the time managed $230 Billion Dollars in Assets Under Management (AUM).

Ben then relocated to Southern California in 2008 to head up Asian coverage for Nuveen’s international boutique affiliate Tradewinds Global. During his time at Tradewinds, the firm quickly grew from a $10 Billion Dollar Fund (AUM) to a $40 Billion Dollar Fund (AUM). Ben became Senior Vice President of Institutional Trading at Tradewinds.

After twenty years in the Professional Trading and Portfolio Management business, Ben retired in 2015 and now resides in Los Angeles with his family. Ben however continues to stay involved in the industry during his retirement and has been contracted on several occasions on a part time consultancy basis for various Hedge Funds due to his expertise. Ben also continues to manage his own portfolio as an avid quantitative systems developer and Futures and Options trader.

Ben Berggreen.

From 2016 Anthony has been managing his own private investments in start-up companies across a range of industries including telecoms, healthcare and apparel. In 2017 Anthony joined the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management as a Senior Trading Mentor. Anthony’s role at the Institute involves Mentoring Institute Traders on the official Institute Mentoring Programme helping them to realise their objectives in becoming consistently profitable long-term and to help build their track records. Anthony also helps manage the Institute’s global portfolio in allocating capital to profitable students/traders.

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