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Edward Shek

From 1994 until retirement in 2019 Edward Shek had a prolonged and very successful twenty-five-year career as a Professional Trader in Financial Markets. Ed graduated from King’s College London with a B.Sc in Physics. Upon graduation he started his career at Goldman Sachs in the London office in 1994. Over the next nine years he traded Convertible Bonds, Warrants and Cash Equities in Tokyo, New York and then London.

Ed found his niche when back at the London desk at Goldman Sachs, specializing in European Equities, trading most major sectors at the firm. He oversaw several of the top three ranking businesses at Goldman Sachs Europe covering sectors that included Oil and Gas, Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals and Telecoms, Media and Technology (TMT) Stocks.
Ed ran a $100mln Long / Short Equities portfolio at Goldman Sachs.

In 2006 Ed moved to Cazenove where he successfully traded the European Banks and Insurance Equities books through the 2008-2009 Great Financial Crisis (GFC). An experience very few traders in the World managed to trade through profitably.

Cazenove was fully bought by JP Morgan in 2009. Ed was promoted and moved internally at JP Morgan to the Global Emerging Markets Equities business. Ed then spent six years in Johannesburg South Africa where he ran the SA Trading Desk before returning to London to run the Emerging Markets (CEEMEA) trading business. During his time at JP Morgan Cazenove Ed ran multiple Long / Short Equities Portfolios of $100mln gross exposure

Edward Shek

After a brief spell as Head of Equities Trading at BCS Global, Ed retired from the Investment Bank / Professional Trading business after twenty-five years.

Throughout his Professional Trading career Ed has always been heavily involved with recruiting and has mentored many young professionals over his career. Countless numbers of individuals that Ed has mentored over the years have gone on to achieve very successful careers in the Financial Markets.

Ed’s role at the Institute involves Mentoring Institute Traders on the official Institute Mentoring Program after students have graduated from completing the Professional Trading Masterclass (PTM) Video Series. The Professional Options Trading Masterclass (POTM) Video Series and the Professional FOREX Trading Masterclass (PFTM) Video Series, helping ITPM students to realize their objectives in becoming consistently profitable and to help build their track records. Ed also helps manage the Institute’s global portfolio, trading predominantly high-Risk Reward / ROI strategies and in allocating capital to profitable ITPM students/traders.
Ed currently mentors Institute Traders globally and only has capacity to Mentor twelve ITPM students per year.

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